All fully-qualified through Durban University Of Technology, the Precision Cut team has the experience and training to produce the highest standard of professional wedding videography. Collectively, our team has been involved in the film industry for many years. We are passionate, full of fun and most of all, good at what we do! We will do our best to capture your day and create a unique  memory that will last forever!

Meet The Team


Young, vibrant and enthusiastic towards any project thrown his way! He is very passionate about video production. He has his NDP Video Technology completed at Durban University of Technology. Gareth has 3 years experience in a variety of video production from conference work to live broadcasting as well as weddings. Gareth will always give his full effort in creating the best possible product for each client. He is  pleasure to work with and always friendly and willing to go the extra mile.


Bradley is a master when it comes to weddings having over 50 weddings to his name. He has shot and edited most of these weddings and has a unique eye when it comes to capturing them. Bradley has his NDP in Video Technology completed at Durban University of Technology. He is always a pleasure to work with and his professional approach towards each video results in outstanding final products.